Alex Alarms Paternoster Beach Fest
2nd December 2023


Don’t miss out on the greatest West Coast Party of the year!

The Paternoster Beach Fest will include the sports of beach touch rugby, beach netball, beach soccer and fitness on the beach.


Beach Rugby

The skills, the dive, but no ruck and maul!

Beach Netball

All the fun of Netball but with an exciting beach twist!

Beach Soccer

Indoor rules with an outdoor beach twist to it!

Fitness On The Beach

Real Fit people can’t quit the sweat for even 1 day!


Book self-catering accommodation online.

Camping next to the beach at Tietiesbay. Great fun for everyone. Download the document with the details.


The West Coast region has so much to offer. Book activities like beach horse riding, boat trips, fishing trips, E-bike rides, beach buggy rides and so much more online. Enjoy a weekend full of beautiful games, good food, beach, and party!



Do you or your company want to be involved in this unique beach festival? Simply view what type of sponsorship options is on offer and complete the online Sponsorship Form.

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